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Hurrikaanit - Blocked drains & plumbing services

Blocked drains & plumbing services

Are you looking for a local 24-hour emergency drain clearance and plumbing service? Professional drain clearance and plumbing specialists are available in your hour of need 24/7.

Hurrikaanit - Sewer inspection and condition assesment services

Sewer inspection and condition assesment services

We provide efficient and professional CCTV drain inspections. During pipe inspection we will identify all types of problems, such as root intrusion and pipe that is misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade or corroded. Inspection is recommended if you experience repeated drain line backups, slow drains or clogs. Condition assesment should be made when the pipes are becoming of age and the possible pipe rehabilitation should is planned.

Hurrikaanit - Septic tank services

Septic tank services

Hurrikaanit offer emptying and cleaning of septic tanks. Septic tank cleaning and emptying services are available to private and business clients.

Hurrikaanit - Well emptying services

Well emptying services

We empty wet wells and sand traps. We also clean chemical tanks and oil separators.

Hurrikaanit - High-power vacuum services

High-power vacuum services

High-power vacuum tankers enhance productivity and increase speed and efficiency in construction yards. Our high-power vacuum services include for example removing contaminated soil and insulating materials. We offer also gravel and Isodrän blowing.

Hurrikaanit - Portable toilet rental services

Portable toilet rental services

Hurrikaanit is a full service portable restroom supplier. We offer the large selection of portable toilets from the most basic model to high end restroom trailers.

Whether your event or construction yard is large or small, formal or casual, Hurrikaanit has the portable sanitation solution for you.

Hurrikaanit - High-power vacuum services

Cooking oil recycling services

Hurrikaanit collects and recycles used cooking oil from restaurants and other kitchens. Waste cooking oil is used for making biodiesel.

Hurrikaanit - Portable toilet rental services

24/7 services

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